GET TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL IN 30 DAYS (Even though you’re busy!)

Wow, you found it!

Yes, I did produce a lot of hype. So, what! It’s my blog post so I can do what I want to and all that!

I decided to start a blog because so many people message me and say that I would KILL it.

So, I thought I’d try and prove them and myself right. EEK!

Now, I HOPE that you know who I am. If not, I’ll give you a snapshot and I mean snapshot.


So; they call me the Mentor. I help people become the next version of themselves through Sales Coaching and Personal Development.

I’ve got to be one of the few people that you’ll ever come across that quit a job that they loved.

Yes, that’s right. I was a Real Estate Manager. I was paid handsomely, drove a Jaguar and the business that I was in charge of had its record month the month I left.

Ok, I get it. Most people wouldn’t dreeaaam of doing anything like that, so what the hell was the reason?

Five words. I could give ALOT more.

I was lucky enough to be able to afford pay the most expensive life coach in the UK to help me get to the next level. Yes, Michael Serwa, is the best. Well actually Monique (my amazing fiancée) is the best because she allowed me to use a really big chunk of our wedding savings do it. That my friends, is what you call love; or giving a baby its bottle.

Anyway, if you want to know more about me check this out:

You are one of those rare unicorns who is here because you are committed to becoming the next version of you; and bloody quickly.

Below are 7 steps that if followed with maximum intensity, will get you to your next level I (whatever that looks like for you) in 30 short days, lets dive in:

Your morning ritual.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘well, someone got up on the wrong side of bed this morning’?

That is because most people fall out of bed in a rough mood and that mood holds until they manage to finish their morning coffee. Even once they have had that coffee, they can be a nightmare.

Setting up a morning ritual can do wonders for people that are seeking more order in their quest for performing at a much higher level. In fact, a director at one of the companies that I used to work for used to say “show me the state of your bedroom and I’ll tell you how well you are doing (in business and in life).

This is so true. How you do one thing, no matter how small, is how you will do everything.

What works for me and my clients is setting up a designed three step morning routine which is easy to implement and stick with.

You make it stick? How! Well it isn’t easy, but we start extremely small and scale up every week.

As Will Smith alluded to, ‘a brick laid perfectly everyday over time becomes a perfectly built house’.

A solid, defined and well executed morning ritual will change everything.

Recommended Reading: The Miracle Morning by Hal Erod.

Stop putting people on a pedestal!

Step 2 is a genuine skill that the social possess and utilise to their advantage on a daily basis.

Very often when I am coaching a new entrepreneur, professional or sales pro who is getting choppy results, this is my first question. ‘How do you react to ‘X’ prospect/person in ‘Y’ situation’

Ok, there is nothing scientific here, but I’ve noticed too many people blow important situations up into something that it is just not.

Take a second to think. I suffered from this all my life by the way!

Are you turning situations into something they just aren’t because of a potential counterpart’s reputation, intelligence, looks or status?

Like the old me, you likely answered with a ‘ding, ding, ding and ding!’.

It has to stop. How do expect to be able to rise up if you are still letting supposed people with status affect your ability to perform in front of them.

More often than not, it is all in your imagination. I help client’s control that as well.

Make no mistake about it. You are always performing. That is the world we live in. We can either master the game so that we can play it with confidence or avoid the realities and ‘drift…..” (oh wait).

Most people are drifting. Get focused on what the next level looks like.

I write this really informative blog about turning your plans into reality and teaching people how great salespeople think for one reason. Ok, I do want to be really, really famous, but that won’t happen until I have changed the lives of a whole lot of people.

Seriously though, I think there is no bigger shame than wasted potential. I came very close to wasting mine. I live to ensure people realise theirs.

After ‘Brexit’, my biggest enemy in the world is ‘the drift’.

You probably know what I mean. You know when you go about your life as normal, you are busy, you are getting things done, but, *sigh*, you just feel, like, meh..

When I think of ‘the drift’ and I explain the concept to my clients, I use the example of the man, alone on a raft. Just floating. He has paddles, but he isn’t using them as effectively as an Olympic rower would know how to. He hasn’t got the training to use them and he is sort of just lost and going through the motions.

That person is drifting. They have not decided on what needs to be the next stop on the road of life. How confident is the next me? How has the next version of me increased my level of service to the marketplace. What kind of newer and bigger results will I be expecting from myself.

I have to ask on an initial consultation: ‘Tell me your goals’.

Most people just don’t have a clue. I think that making time to write down your goals is one of the most important things that you can do on a daily basis, yet 80% of people spend more time on brushing their teeth then they do thinking about, ‘where am I going and who do I have to be to get there’?

Girls and guys, my point is clear! Goals are a big part of you levelling up.

Pause Netflix for ten minutes and write them down and do this every day! (I do mine before bed, ask Monique she’ll vouch!)

Purpose and clarity beckons.

Recommended reading: The 10X Rule. Grant Cardone.

Be prouder of your EFFORT levels rather than your talent levels.

Watch this: (Minute 2.25)

Yes, for a long time I allowed the fact that people used to tell me on a daily basis when I was a kid that I was ‘talented’ turn me into a big headed ‘drifter’ (cue the shakes down the spine).

Yes, I drifted for a long time. Trust me, I know how it feels to be like the butterfly in that cocoon, but I just couldn’t get out.

It was only when I built the comfort level with investing in me that I changed.  Spending thousands on the best  coaches and mentors turned me into the sort of man who can look in the mirror and say ‘Max, you are f***ing up here, be self-policing and arrest that drift dawg’ (That IS  how I speak to myself. Don’t worry it’s mainly when I work out. Plus, I blame my hip-hop adolescence; Kanye West and Trump are mates, wait a minute, who the efff wrote that script?).

I learned a big lesson from my time working at Nandos around ten years ago. Some of you reading this will remember those days. I miss all the free chicken.

The group of staff that I worked with there were heavily made of Polish immigrants and I loved this. Apart from learning the Polish swear dictionary by heart, I absolutely fell in love with their work ethic.

I guess that I felt like a ‘talented’ guy walking in etc. However, the way that these guys and girls committed, changed my outlook on being an adult forever. Obviously, we are talking about humans here, so some just worked differently to others, but I fell in love with the attention to detail and effort that went in to small jobs like cleaning the toilets. I caught this bug and tried to outdo them when it came to toilet cleaning.

 That my friends is where, I developed the will to put in more effort. That is where I learned that the toilet that I cleaned had to be the shiniest. There was a lot of internal resistance at first, I won’t lie, but I know if I had to, I could do that job again.

Now I use my story as an example with my clients. How much effort are you putting in? If a task has your name on it. How seriously and how well are you approaching the task?

Nail this and you will really see your results accelerate and quickly.

You will also become a leader.

Recommended reading: All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough: Art Williams.

Expect a lot from yourself but NEVER beat yourself up for a mistake.

One of the quotes that goes around my head is by one of my role models, Michael Jordan. “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying”.

It is important to shift how you look at the loss of money, a wrong turn on the motorway despite what your sat nav told you to do, making a bad choice in that friend that you made or the bin bag splitting when you took out the bins (don’t tell Monique, I need to keep her thinking I’m cool).

I show my clients how to respect ‘the try (effort)’ so that it is easier to deal with you not getting the answer that you wanted.

Again, if you have you Big Goal (see number 3)

I think that most people are smiling at other people, day to day, but are beating the hell out of themselves in the inside. I understand that, I still do it out of old habit now and then. But I ensure that my clients are training themselves to end this once and for all.

You may have been doing this all your life, so don’t expect it to stop in one day.

But, if you start working on this TODAY, in 30 days you will see a marked change in your self image. You’ll feel better about YOU. You’ll have a great deal more patience with people. This puts you in a much stronger position to work with people to help them get what they want.

That is the only way that you can generate money by the way, for all of you side hustle CEO’s.

Start building  self patience, it will reduce self-imposed stress.

Know your Strengths. Build on them. Know your critical Weaknesses. Manage them.

Most people have an idea about what they are good at but are not 100%.

You are not about that life.

Write another list of your Top 5 strengths and have another of your Top 7 weaknesses.

Here is the kicker. Your Top 7 weaknesses are crucial here. This is because we need to be aware of those weaknesses so that we build the habit of counteracting them.

Your weaknesses are your weaknesses. Take charge of them. Decide to OWN them.

You will probably never fully eradicate them. The best that you can hope for is to manage and learn how to better cope with them.

When I decided to know and OWN what I am really, really bad at, I found it easier to stop kicking myself for my mistakes. I have a weak memory with certain things, therefore I have to carry a notebook and diary everywhere if I don’t want to look like a joker.

That is the mindset that I encourage my clients to let blossom.

Own your baggage. Manage it. Excel despite it.

Say No 10 times a day.

First and foremost. If nobody has ever showed you this. I am doing it now. So buckle up.

NO is a damn amazing word. Actually, it could be my favourite. My career as a negotiator shifted almost overnight when I started to POLITELY, say no and then proceed to tell my prospects why their argument was unfounded.

The greatest salespeople are very comfortable with challenging people and having tough, unemotional conversations.

In 2018, with millions of sales offers being targeted to us online, endless options for food, cryptocurrency, self-help guru’s and PPI companies calling you on unknown numbers, it is more important than ever.

But, guess what, it is very easy to say ‘yes’. That is because it is easy. Is the result that we have to deal with after saying yes with no thought always easy? *Cough cough*, No.

We have almost become a generation of ‘yes women and men’. So how can we get around a lifetime of programming which is not serving you anymore?

Firstly, with my clients I dig to the self-belief level. Most people simply say ‘yes’ because they are eager or longing for the attention; sometimes the old me leaks out and I do the same damn thing! Yuck.

Again, let’s look for the paradigm shift. Sometimes, your saying ‘no’ is you standing up for yourself and telling the requester that, ‘this is the situation as it is’, ‘this is my position and I’m not going to do something inconvenient just because you asked with your lovely smile’

We exercise hundreds of thousands of words per day. When was the last time that you practised and measured getting into the habit of inserting one word into your daily vocab? I hear you on that. I remember going through a stage at secondary school where in practised ‘colloquially’ at every opportunity!

Getting better at saying no, will change how you look at the world and build your self image. You’ll respect yourself more.

BONUS TIP: The is no bullet proof vest better than learning how to sell, in my experience. Number 1, when someone is actively trying to use influence and persuasion tactics on you, you’ll smell it a mile off. Number 2, being confident at selling increase the likelihood that you’ll look at that person mischievously, jokingly wag your finger and say, ‘you’re not trying to sell something to me are you now?’.

Now that is how you throw someone off!

Let me know how things go for you, remember we are on this journey together. Finding strategies to get you taking tangible action is what personal development is all about.

Lets go!

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