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Why us ?

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After several years in helping companies and entrepreneurs increase their sales, we have the know-how to help you improve your bottom line.

We are of the few companies these days that admits that we are in a results business. Everything that we do at Invisible SalesPro is designed to have an effect which results in uplift and demonstratable ROI for our clients.

The buck stops with us, and we offer you a guarantee that you will begin to see an increase in your sales by the end of our mentoring sessions.

We are invested in your success. If Invisible SalesPro fails to improve your sales, then we haven’t done our job.
Take a look at our testimonials and how many clients we have helped and the increase in their sales revenues. We like to think that our numbers tell the story

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Cold Prospecting

Approach prospects with effective emails, newsletters and phone calls, capturing their immediate attention.


Setting Meetings

Now you have the prospects attention, learn how to set a meeting with the real decision makers and not gatekeepers.


Asking for business confidently

After the presentation, you have to close the decision makers and get the business you are seeking, through appropriate follow-ups.


Optimal Presenting

Learn the skill of making presentations that fully capture your audience, to make push them down the sales funnel faster.

Sector Experience

Every successful business understands that having an objective eye look upon your sales systems every now and then can help give you nan edge as most of your competitors are failing to invest in their people. When you are selling services or consumer commodities, you can not afford to rely on a small amount of high performing reps. You understand that having a pipeline of reps who are constantly improving and moving towards being excellent performers is key. This means that your business is not susceptible to turnover effects. With the gig economy and technology changing the relationship between employer and employee at an ever faster rate, you must show your people that you invest in their personal development because you want to give them the tools that they need to earn the money that they dream of.


Our Services


Help you bridge the gap between your company products and services and the prospective and existing customers


A crucial aspect of sales is knowing how to gets leads and finally convert them by closing the sale.

Relationship development

Sales requires developing long-term and loyal relationships with customers after converting them, lest they abandon your ship.

Key Performance Indicator analysis

what gets measured gets done. Are you measuring the right metrics though? We can help you develop a tracking and performance system that will help you extend your lead over your competitors.

Ask from

This is a great question and invite you to watch this short video and see why you should and can trust Invisible SalesPro.

I have a Degree from the University of Nottingham, and 10 years agency leadership experience in London. I am studying a Master’s degree in Business Psychology. Branding and Marketing expertise, with more than 2 million banked to this date. I have written articles for the CityAM, the largest business newspaper in London.

You would benefit more with a ‘done with you’, arrangement. Advice and Implementation assistance. Access to me at any time if you have questions or require help.

It is best to start with a ‘Brand-Storm’ session. This is where you can observe me first hand and gain the following:

  • A brand framework that you will be able to use to capture the attention of your target customers
  • How to use Social Media marketing to advertise your services.
  • I will show you how to outbound prospects effectively, to achieve maximum velocity in the shortest amount of time.
  • Relatable for BAME startups .
  • I focus on growing the person first and the business second. All other consultants will focus just on your business. I want to help you get to a stage where you do not need me anymore and quickly! Then I have done my job as mentor/coach/consultant.
  • 10 years of business leadership experience at your beck and call
  • Who else can show you how to negotiate great deals? Most consultants are weak negotiators! (I know because they hire me to help them close more deals)
  • Genuinely on your side and with you at every step of the way.
  • I will be constantly giving you the latest techniques that the highest performing startups and sales teams are using to achieve jaw dropping growth.

This exercise is not about money for me. My main focus is to work with hungry ‘entrepreneurs’ who are fixed on doing things differently and making themselves wealthy along the way. Not people who left their job to create more of what exists already.
However, I usually charge £500 for a 2-hour B2B Brand-Storm session. I am happy to talk about an agreement that all parties are happy with, if you choose to engage me further. This means that I can give some discounted prices for certain situations.

You will never have to hear a promise about me showing up and getting the job done for you. No one will work harder for you than I can (No one else can care about you and your project like I can.)

No matter how busy I am, I will make room for you. I have never let down one of my clients (someone who have put their faith in me to help deliver them to results). One negative review for me is incredibly damaging, so I ensure that this never happens (people don’t trust cheesy sales guys in the first place right?)

Due to the nature of my work (I sign more Non-Disclosure Agreements than anyone else that I know), it is extremely difficult to provide references. Ask any decent Consultant.
My company is called Invisible SalesPro, because I have to have to be silent about the clients I am helping with business development and Sales. Most companies do not want their competitors to know that they are working on. It has and always will be a very sensitive issue for most.
You can check out the completely independent reviews that clients have left for me below:

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Invisible Sales Pro

Welcome to Invisible SalesPro, an innovative sales mentoring company based in the UK.

We generate leads and deliver results that will set your brand or business on the path to success. We help our clients improve, achieve and maintain excellence. We create bespoke and unique strategies, designed to strike at the heart of the most challenging aspects of business.

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Providing Industrial Leading Tips and Tricks

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Increase sales by streamlining social media marketing strategies
This large recruitment agency client had a problem in utilising their social media channels to bring in sales, yet they were investing a lot of resources in using these channels. They were basically bleeding money.
We looked into the inefficiencies in their social media marketing strategy, such as redundancies, poor metrics, inconsistent tools and fragmented execution.
It required the seamless interaction of the client’s business objectives and the customer journey though social media channels.
Proper auditing, governance, measurement, content creation and execution was implemented. They are now seeing 23% more leads year on year!

This company had a problem with converting trial users into contracted customers. Invisible SalesPro worked with them on marketing and from a sales development standpoint. After two days of “The Total Salesperson’ training, this company reported A year on year increase of 31.2%.
The companies need to convert more trials led to us working together on telephone coaching for sales reps, the development of a new script which the team could trust in and the implementation of a ‘sales velocity checklist system’. This checklist system ensured that every sales rep began to ask the right questions at the right time in the sales process. This system not only eliminated every Sales Directors worst nightmare, ‘variation’ in process. and ensures that reps accelerate to full productivity in much less time. This provided ROI for the business in a much more consistent and quicker time frame than before.

I developed an idea which provides tremendous value to the leisure and travel industry. My stumbling block 7 months ago was that I just couldnt pitch my idea to hotels etc, the courage wasnt there. I did so much research and spoke to lots of friends, but I just couldn't get it to be done. I stumbled upon Max and Invisible SalePro on Facebook and asked about his 1 on 1 workshop.
It didn't happen as quickly as I wanted, but slowly Max coaxed out a side of me that I had no idea existed. Max taught me to really think about my product from the outsiders perspective, and not my own. This allowed me to speak the B2B buyer's language and generate more meetings and more closes. I am now bringing in more money on a monthly basis than I had expected in a 12-month window and I will certainly be asking for Max’s unique perspective when I hire sales staffs in future (six months is the plan!).
Max showed me that an idea was nothing if it was not executed properly. I was guided in the execution of my idea and it is now I feel like a well-rounded entrepreneur and not just a developer. Best investments I could have made hands down.

I have a couple of sales teams that I am proud to lead. One typically performs to the expected standards and the other consistently missed the goals that we set for them by about 4-11%; every single month. I love my role, but this caused me to doubt myself more than I would like to admit!.
We then invited Max Newton in a number of times. He rightfully identified that our process training wasn't the right fit for our new, young workforce. After creating new clearer roles for each team member, removed a few unnecessary items from their process and drilled the team on the new way that has a 13% higher hit rate, my second outbound now consistently beats my insight sales team. Max is not only a rare motivator, but he also has the ability to relate sales in a way that young sales professionals want to attach themselves to. Everything is superb and we will definitely be inviting Max back in on a regular basis.

Max has shown me how to love and trust the process! The feeling that i have going to work now is just life changing. Trying to meet my monthly sales quota was giving me sleepless nights. I simply couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong with my sales approach. I followed other Youtube training videos, bought online courses and listened to our in house trainer to the letter. So what was I doing wrong?
After booking a 1 on 1 sales course with Invisible SalesPro, I learned how to fine-tune the mental side of my prospecting process, locate the right customer fit and build a better value relationship over a shorter period of time. I used to hit my targets every now and then. Today I know that I will hit or exceed my targets before the month has even started.

No more worrying and panicking for me, I feel like anything is possible for me in the future now. I’m thinking of starting another similar business in the next two years once I have this business generating the revenue that it is scaling towards. If you want a tip, take this. Bet on yourself, by hiring Max and his team, you won't regret it. 5 stars!