5 ways to get your team working together more effectively in 2019

If you can help enough people get what they want then you will get what you want

-Bill Gates.

The holy grail for every founder, business or sporting leader tapped to lead a new initiative is getting the team to ‘click’.

When this is focused upon, wonderful things can then take place.

Here are 5 master coaching methods that will get your team working together more effectively in 2019.

1.Make the big WHY loud and clear.

Whatever the reason for the mission of the team that you are leading, it is your duty as a leader of the unit to find a big emotional, magnetic common focal point to be charging towards. When I am setting out goals for whichever new team that I’m working with, I never go small. Why? Well, I need the people that I am working with to be able to get stirred up on an emotional level, to self-motivate themselves to complete the necessary tasks. That is the thing about motivation that most managers know, but don’t understand at a gut level. You can’t force people to do things for you. You must sell your team on the idea that they are doing the mundane task for them and their future.

2. Be the best you.

The only thing in this world that you can actually control is you. Therefore, it is imperative that they see you every day rocking it as the biggest and best version of you. If your people can see you living what you are espousing, they will be a great deal more likely to unconsciously start matching your actions. People and especially millennials want to follow someone that they admire. Set the tempo and lead from the front.

3. Set expectations very early. Trust but verify.

As the leader it is up to you to set boundaries and expectations. Ever heard the phrase, ‘people generally take the path of least resistance’, yep? Well I believe this to be true, if you don’t heed the above you will lose valuable time. If you do, however, the savvy people that you work with will be better able to self-manage and ensure that things continue to move forward, even when you are not present. The managers that effectively set the tone for the group with targets that stretch every member of the team and foster a ‘failure is not an option’ mindset set up an environment where success is expected. Trust every member of the team until the trust is taken advantage of. In the event that an individual or two mess up, put them on notice that this team cannot have any weak links.

4.Captains breed the culture.

The most common stumbling block to achieving the sales goals of the senior hierachy, is a lack of the culture necessary to aggressively push the agenda forward. It is important that your team has processes in place which foster a spirt of healthy competition. At the same time, it is important that the best players have a ‘giving’ mindset. This will allow them to put aside ego and help other team members improve. If you can successfully sell this notion to your most talented players, you are well on your way to having a perpetual machine that constantly gains steam. Long story short; actively focus your effort on developing team captains who will take some of the heavy lifting from you with the more junior team members.

5. Don’t be afraid to personally invest in bringing it all together.

One of the reasons that I developed an untouchable respect level for my first manager in sales was that he put used to put his hand in his pocket to accelerate the gelling process. Many years later (having spent a ton on doing the same thing myself with my various teams), I know now that he was really on to something. At the time I knew exactly what he was up to, but the mere excitement at hitting the target and winning something meant that I didn’t care (I can just imagine Pavlov watching whilst nodding and clapping slowly now). When my manager took us all to the pub for a few beers at the end of a hard week or took us to Pizza Express for hitting targets he was making an investment in our enthusiasm levels. When people notice the leader putting their hand in their pocket: investing in the process, it will make them very aware that all of the grandiose talk about ‘our big goal’ in the office is not just hyperbole or ‘big talk’.

You are living it.

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